I wish to be in your arms each day & night,

I wish to see you in all phases of life,

I wish to hold your hands ever & ever,

Its just a mere wish to be with you,

Its a wish that can never come true.

Taboo- no its not.

Love knows no barrier of age, colour, caste and sex.This line is quite dramatic for us (indian). Because in our country , in one we talk about unity in diversity but while marrying we look for marriages in same caste. Because our so called society has this stereotype. So, friends can you imagine of love in same sex breathing freely in such country?The answer to this question is NO. Though we have laws permitting this realtionship but our society dont let it happen.

So lets talk about a love story about two people of same gender.Lets understand how they felt, what was their bond and how society was reluctant to accept their existence.

I will be sharing all of it soon but before this i wanna ask all the readers out there, do you have any such experiences or anything related then do share with me either here or mail me nibeditapaul6@gmail.com


Hello to all the strangers who will stop by my post to read it, Writing today after 3 long years. Today, i can say every single thing of my life has changed except one and that’s my feelings regarding love. Though before three years also when i started this blog, i was broken and confused regarding my love life but yet i have never blamed love for my miseries. It was all because of trusting a wrong person. No grudges for anyone today.I am happy with my love and i know this time i will not end up with hurting myself. Its just that I wanna share with you all out there that love sometimes can be found at most unexpected times. When i had lost all my hopes of being loved. I met him. The man of my life. The person whom i can say proudly yes he is all mine. No matter what comes to our path but we belong to each other. So guys please never ever loose hope. Love yourself and love life.

Trueeee loveee…..i have never seen…have you???

Hi….good morning…i am back to ask everyone….does true love exist???like ghost like god….i have never felt or seen true love….some says…if someone loves you truely then he will never leave you…whatever might be the problem…but your lover will find a way out to be with you…some says no…love is sacrifice…even if we cant be together but we will love each other….but how to love each other when our beloved will be in need of us at that time we will be far away….then what love….for some love and marriage are two different thing…marrying someone and even after marriage and having kids they claim they yet love their beloved….is it true love??for some having sex and getting satisfied is love….but sex is a way of expressing your love…its not a core love….some says i fall for her at first sight….that means he is attracted by her beauty….but what if her beauty diminishes….then no love….love is related to heart….some wants to change her beloved then love her….but why cant they love the original one….is it true love? There is a huge difference between (I LOVE YOU BUT) & (BUT I LOVE YOU) former means i love you but cant be with you nd later one means  after everything also i love you nd will love you forever…wanna give you one example actually i am an indian…so sacrifices in love are seen quite commonly….so here we go……
Two people immensely in love but of different caste love each….but girls family was against their relation , her father pressurised her to marry a guy of their caste…after revolting a lot she agreed….but she and her boyfriend decided to continue their relation even after marriage….but is it right? Is it love?arent they spoiling many lives?i really cant find true love around myself these days….sharing coffees is not love…going in date is not love… having many gifts from your boyfriend is not love….but today we are happy with the materials only….as we can show these to others but feelings it cant be seen only be felt nd today we dnt have time to understand the feelings of others….whosever will read this post….a heartiest request from my side….please for two seconds close your eyes and think about your lover….what he or she feel about you and what you feel for them….give her a call nd share your feelings….life is too short so let your close people know what they meant for you….stay connected and stay well


Goodmorning…..guys what do you think ? How much marriage is relavent with love??if two person love each other…then is it necessary to marry??what is marriage???what for marriage??in india after certain age parents start saying “get married soon, now you are stable” parents say this because of two reasons one they care about us…that who will take care of us after them…and srcondly somewhere they fear that what society will say…but what if i am happy without anyone …even is it possible to be happy alone???i have asked these questions to myself many a times..today marriage knot is even not a guarantee for being together…so what if even he leave me after marriage…and its universal that one day either he or me have to face death….so again alone….then perhaps….i am already hurt so i cant bear any more pain so its better to be alone with some sweet memories…..please answer my questions….


Do u know what love is????aaaannn lets sketch some ideas about it….today…among us…we teen while talking about love adds few words like time pass,use nd throw,obsession,lust,infatuation….today break ups are as common as patch ups….at each nd evry seconds…break ups nd patch ups r going on at some part of d world….nd few of us accuse love for this….my boyfriend left me so i hate love….she betrayed me so i dont trst love….but guyss love never hurts….choosing wrong person hurts….thn why to blame love….love is a feeling tats unconditional unbeatable….in true love thre is no break up. Have u ever heard about breaking up wid ur parents….yupe i knw it seems a joke for u ppl lykwise those who says i loved a guy bt we broke up…tats d biggest joke….relations never break…it may happen we get separated bt true love never fades…..today we r so bsy that we hardly cares about love….for some love is money,for some love is sex….some thinks look is importnt for loving someone….bt look,money everythng fades bt love never….citing an example an old lady suffering from alzheimer….she was admitted in hospital…she merely remember her husband but her husband daily comes to hospital nd thy took their dinner nd lunch togethr….nd when doctor asked them y do u do this when ur wyf dont evn recognise u??at this that old man answered i still love her nd i know she is my better half….so hw culd i ignore….thats something called true love….a person being bsy when listens to ur prob, cares for u…scared to loose u….tats d prsn who is in love wid u….guys…is there anyone who can say something about love…evryone have fallen for someone sometimes….though their stories are incomplete but love knocked everyone’s door once…so wats ur story????does marriages essential to prove ur love??image

Tats someone who loves u truely….does such love exist???