Do u know what love is????aaaannn lets sketch some ideas about it….today…among us…we teen while talking about love adds few words like time pass,use nd throw,obsession,lust,infatuation….today break ups are as common as patch ups….at each nd evry seconds…break ups nd patch ups r going on at some part of d world….nd few of us accuse love for this….my boyfriend left me so i hate love….she betrayed me so i dont trst love….but guyss love never hurts….choosing wrong person hurts….thn why to blame love….love is a feeling tats unconditional unbeatable….in true love thre is no break up. Have u ever heard about breaking up wid ur parents….yupe i knw it seems a joke for u ppl lykwise those who says i loved a guy bt we broke up…tats d biggest joke….relations never break…it may happen we get separated bt true love never fades… we r so bsy that we hardly cares about love….for some love is money,for some love is sex….some thinks look is importnt for loving someone….bt look,money everythng fades bt love never….citing an example an old lady suffering from alzheimer….she was admitted in hospital…she merely remember her husband but her husband daily comes to hospital nd thy took their dinner nd lunch togethr….nd when doctor asked them y do u do this when ur wyf dont evn recognise u??at this that old man answered i still love her nd i know she is my better half….so hw culd i ignore….thats something called true love….a person being bsy when listens to ur prob, cares for u…scared to loose u….tats d prsn who is in love wid u….guys…is there anyone who can say something about love…evryone have fallen for someone sometimes….though their stories are incomplete but love knocked everyone’s door once…so wats ur story????does marriages essential to prove ur love??image

Tats someone who loves u truely….does such love exist???


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  1. innorishabh
    Jan 14, 2015 @ 12:55:48

    To begin with, this post has many spelling errors such as “siting” and “alzeimhr” (to name a few), apart from several contractions you used. I would rather suggest you to avoid contractions, if you are here to improvise your writing skills, because it seems very absurd from the reader’s point of view to come across such social media contracted words on blog sites such as wordpress. But this is not what I am here to say about love, so try to spare me for being a spelling nazi.

    Coming to the topic, if you are here just to express your feelings then I have no issues with the content. I think you very aptly defined (as according to your understanding) what real love should be. I have to admit that your understanding of love is commendable. For my part, I know very less about love as I have never been in love with my peers.

    In total, your first blog post is quite great! So keep writing, keep posting. And yes, again, spare me for being a spelling nazi :3



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