Reason why i am here???

Let me share something with you all my friends….yupe its strange today..I am in such a sitution that i cant share my situation my pain agony tears with my friends or anyone close to me…..haha close…actually no one understand me….i am habituated to diary writting.but usually nobody read it ever….but writting over it i feel relief as if i have shared with someone….and that someone is having time for me but actually i dont have anyone….in this busy world nobody cares about my feelings…so finally i thought to share my condition with some stranger out there….i was going through some blogs about love….and tears rolled over my cheak..yupe same story everywhere….i really wanna know why i cant be with the guy whom i love….parents put there if any from india or someone who thinks intercaste marriage is wrong…then what if i am ready to adapt any situation for my love….the saddest part is that my love himself never understood me….he cares for me that i know well…till today i am trying hard to make him understand….but its hard at my part now..i am getting weaker now…why he even dont understand me…that how badly i need him….i wanna hug him and cry a lot wanna tell him he is my world….but people say everything happens with a good reason but whats the good reason here….if there is any then why i met him…why i fall for him…..why someone get so close to us..then its because of our situation we have to get separated….i am craving for him….i am writting because i need him by my side to listen to me…but he is not here….i really wanna say you..i love you….perhaps he will never read this…its useless….i am waiting for his text….he is busy in setting his business…he told he dont want any relation right now….but he feels for me but he dont want to hurt me ever….what should i do now???its next to impossible for me to leave now….i love to be with him….i love the way he handles me….he is possessive…but what exactly i mean to him ….am i a burden in his life….should i leave….because he perhaps dont want me in his life or am i getting selfish only thinking about a mere tag of relationship….i am just thinking about myslf…that what if my friends ask me who is he ?? Then what to say?? I am too much confused….my mind says to leave but my heart says he is your love and his happiness must be your priority….so what should i do?????perhaps today he will not even text me…because i have tried to talk about our relation today…perhaps he is upset….i dont know…i never wanna force him for anything….in a bond two person are responsible for things…so its better we must talk….but what if i am hurting my love….things are not working….how to handle this???his one caring word melt my heart….finally he text me….he is a solution to all my problem…he is d reason for my happiness…if i feel so strngly for him….dont he feel a bit for me!!!!


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  1. Jules Artist
    Jan 17, 2015 @ 17:01:12

    I know how you feel… 😔



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