Hi, tonight writting after a long time….as today…my tears are beyond my control…..i heard the news of my love getting married….its heart breaking….i dont know how to react….its as if….history is repeating itself….i am over once again….everything is ruined today….feeling depressed….wanna hug someone…as logically hugging someone for 20 seconds releases antidepressant….so…wow i m giving excuses….far away from my home..but my friends tried a lot to cheer me up….by singing stupid songs….doing stupid things but nothing worked….finally they slept….i m crying but have to accept the truth of my life….he told me everything….what he was expecting from me….i dont know….i am feeling helpless….i just said him congo for your marriage….and i just need to control my feelings….i end up by saying these mere words….but i wanna say you am…i love you a lot….please dont go….i will be all alone without you…you made me ubderstand what love is….when i lost all my trust from love….today you are leaving me all alone….i dont wanna loose you…i beg of you….dont go….dont do this to me….no one can ever love you like this…i show myself very strong and unbreakable in front of the world but i am broken from inside without you….please….try to understand my unsaid words and come back and just hug me i wanna melt in your arms…..


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  1. Mia Amoure
    May 24, 2015 @ 16:23:50

    I was reading your posts and thought I would reply, though I normally don’t make a habit of it in other people’s blogs. But I know from reading yours, that we have something in common, questions about what love is. I say what I am about to say knowing what it is like to have a broken heart, knowing what it is like to have someone leave you and choose someone else, knowing what it is like to hurt over another. And what I’ve learned is this…
    The world has taught us a false version of love that is not really love at all. Love doesn’t involve needy attachment, or need at all. Love is free, without strings, without desires of the world, love is purely giving. As opposite as it may seem, if I love someone then I want what they want, even if it’s not me. If I love someone then I can let them be free to be who they are, go with whom they wish, do what they want to do, even it means never to see them or talk again. It is without conditions. That is the only love that exists. The rest has to do with needs of the self. You will find the love you are looking for only when you are willing to give this kind of love to YOU. When you love the person you are like that, you will find the answers you are looking for.



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