Friendship vs feelings….

I dont know whether i should feel this way or not….i have a group of five friends….but slowly and steadily…..i think i am feeling alienated as four of my friends have feeling for others…..i am not envy of them….i will be happy….if they will get engaged but somewhere i am feeling unwanted….i have never expected this from my friends….these four friends are the closest one in my life…..i should not interrupt in between….but i dont know how to react…..i am loosing my friends somewhere…..its very awkward when feelings comes in between friendship……hope that will never let them understand that how i am feeling…..they r happy….then i am also happy…..i cant be so selfish…..


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  1. teamy24
    Nov 08, 2015 @ 18:29:12

    Any relationship is hard, when things like this occur, the best thing to do is “busy up”, find something to do, pick up new interest / hobbies, use the free time to rediscover your self and fall in love with yourself again.



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